Talking to Professor about Leaving Early 3


نمونه ای دیگر از مکالمه میان استاد و شاگرد در مورد ترک کردن زود هنگام کلاس درس

A: I am sorry, but I can’t stay until the end of class.

B: Where do you need to be that is more important than school?

A: I have an appointment.

B: Do you have a plan to make up your missed work?

A: No, but I’ll make sure someone helps me out this week with my missed work.

B: Are you going to go right away?

A: I am leaving right now.

B: All right, but please remember that it is your responsibility to catch up.

A: Thanks, Professor. I’ll make sure everything gets taken care of.

B: Goodbye, and try not to miss any more school. 

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