Talking to Professor about Being Absent 1


این مکالمه در مورد غیبت در کلاس است که شاگرد با استاد دانشگاه در مورد آن صحبت می کند

A: Excuse me, Professor. I am going to miss next week’s class.

B: Is this something that you could schedule for another time?

A: No, I have to do this; it’s important!

B: Have you arranged for someone to take notes for you?

A: I’ve made arrangements with a friend to help me.

B: You know that I only allow one absence per semester, don’t you?

A: Yes, I know.

B: Write down your name and the date on a piece of paper and give it to me.

A: OK, I can do that.

B: Well, have a good day off from class.

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