Study Questions

Study Questions


سوالات مربوط به موضوع مطالعه

1. What are you studying?

2. Do you have higher education?

3. What do you like about your studies?

4. How often do you use English?

5. What languages can you speak?

6. What subject would you like to study at university?

7. When does the academic year begin?

8. Have you ever lectured at university? Can you tell me about it?

9. Have you ever done a research? What was you research on?

10. What’s your field of study?

11. What do you find difficult about your field of study?

12. What do you like about it?

13. What subjects will you take whan you go to university?

14. Which courses are you doing this term?

15. How do you find them?

16. How’s your course going?

17. How many modules does the course consist of?

18. How many other credits do you need to complete this course?

19. Do you think you’re going to do them successfully?

20. Which exams do you usually find difficult?

21. Do you need to do well in your assignments during the course?

22. Do they count towards your final degree?

23. Have you started writing your thesis? What’s it about?

24. Do you have to give a seminar paper during the term?

25. When have you got to hand in your essays?

26. What marks did you use to get at university?

27. Have you ever won a university scholarship?

28. What are your future plans after graduation?

29. What are you majoring in?

30. Have you got any other diplomas or degrees?

31. Which subject did you study at university?

32. Are there many people with expertise in your field in the country?

33. Can you tell me about the education system in your country?

34. What types of school are there in your country?

35. What different exams must students take in your country?

36. What’s the reason you’re taking this exam?

37. Are you studying now? Describe the course you are studying?

38. What do you most dislike about your study / course?

39. What are the best things about where you study?

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