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shop aroundIf you shop around, you visit a number of shops selling similar articles in order to compare the prices.
You can usually save money by shopping around.
shop till you dropIf you shop till you drop, you go shopping for a very long time, until you are exhausted.
If you go to London with Ashley, you’ll shop till you drop, so take comfortable shoes!


shopping spreeIf you go on a shopping spree, you enjoy a lively outing, usually with much spending of money.
Liza is planning to go on a shopping spree as soon as she gets her bonus.
shopping therapyThis term refers to the idea that buying things can make you feel better.
A little shopping therapy can usually cheer up bored teenagers.
window shoppingWhen people go window shopping, they look at things in shop windows, without actually purchasing anything.
I haven’t been paid yet,  so I can only go window shopping.

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