Parking at School 3


نمونه مکالمه در مورد درخواست اجازه برای پارک کردم موتور در محوطه دانشگاه و یا مدرسه

A: What is the best place to park?

B: What vehicle do you usually bring to school? Is it an automobile or a motorbike?

A: I drive a motorcycle.

B: OK. That means you can park in the student lot or on the street. Have you seen the

handicapped spots?

A: I am not sure what a handicapped spot is.

B: Look for the blue signs and blue marked spaces. Do you usually park in the daytime or the


A: I park days and evenings.

B: Be careful about the time limits on the streets. Have you seen the signs for time limits?

A: What signs?

B: As long as you are careful reading the signs, you will always know how long you can park

and what days are OK to park there. Are you aware of the curb colors?

A: What curb colors?

B: If you can remember that red means absolutely no parking and white means that you can

only load and unload, you are going to be OK.

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