Movies – Example Conversation

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Person A: “Hey John, I’m going to see The Matrix with Peter and Brad. Do you wanna come?”
Person B: “When are you guys going?”
Person A: “We’re going to see the eight O’clock showing.”
Person B: “That would be perfect. Where are you guys meeting?”
Person A: “We’re meeting at the theatre at seven thirty.”
Person B: “Great. I’ll meet you guys there.”



Person A: “Hey Jill.”
Person B: “What’s up Mike?”
Person A: “I was wondering if you have any plans for tomorrow night.”
Person B: “Umm… I don’t think I have anything special for tomorrow. Why?”
Person A: “Do you want to see The Titanic with me?”
Person B: “I wanted to see that. Yeah. Let’s go.”
Person A: “What time is good for you?”
Person B: “How about seven thirty.”
Person A: “Sure. I’ll meet you at the theatre at seven.


A: “I hear Batman is supposed to be good. Do you want to go see it tomorrow?”
B: “I have to eat dinner with my family tomorrow.”
A: “We can watch the late show. I think it starts at nine forty five.”
B: “That would be great.”
A: “What time can you be at the theatre by?”
B: “I can be there by 9:15.”
A: “Ok. I’ll meet you there.”


A: “What are you doing tomorrow?”
B: “Nothing really.”
A: “Let’s watch a movie or something.”
B: “What’s on these days?”
A: “I think they’re playing Lord of the Rings”
B: “That sounds pretty good. Let’s watch that.”
A: “Where should we meet?”
B: “How about at the subway entrance.”
A: “Aright. I’ll meet you there at one o’clock.”


A: “Hey Steve, what are you doing these days?”
B: “Just working. The same as usual.”
A: “Have you seen Shiri?”
B: “No. I haven’t seen that yet.”
A: “Let’s go watch it tomorrow. It’s a weekend and you should take a break.”
B: “Well, to think of it, that sounds great.”
A: “I’ll give you a call tomorrow about noon and let you know the time.”
B: “Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
A: “See you.”


A: “What should we do this Saturday?”
B: “Rocky six is suppose to come out this Friday.”
A: “Yeah, but I don’t know if it is going to be any good.”
B: “The only reason I want to see it is because I have seen the previous five.”
A: “True. Ok. Let’s see it this Saturday.”
B: “How about we hook up for lunch at 12:00, and then go see the movie afterwards.”
A: “Sounds like a plan. Let’s meet in front of Tower Records at 12:00.”


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