Is IELTS more difficult in the UK

Is IELTS more difficult in the UK

Several students have asked me whether it is easier to get a good IELTS score in other countries. They think UK examiners are strict. Other students think that examiners in Liverpool might be less strict than those in Manchester.

Of course, these rumours are not true.

Firstly, your reading and listening papers are not marked by examiners at the test centre. Secondly,

examiners are trained in the same way wherever they work. They follow a strict scoring system when

assessing your writing and speaking. Finally, examiners are individuals who work alone; they dont have time to discuss or compare scores.

One factor will help you in the IELTS exam: confidence. If you take the exam in your own country, you will probably feel more confident. The exam isnt easier, it just feels easier


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