Inviting a Friend to a Birthday Party 1


نمونه مکالمه در مورد دعوت کردن دوست به مهمانی به همراه فایل صوتی

A: Hey, Robert, what are you doing this weekend?

B: I didn’t have any big plans.

A: We are putting together a birthday party for Mary.

B: That sounds like fun. Where will it be?

A: We thought it would be fun to have a pool party at Jay’s house.

B: Oh good! Can I bring anything?

A: We will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers, and cake, but people can bring side dishes.

B: I am assuming that the dress is casual.

A: Dress casually and bring your bathing suit!

B: Wonderful. Just e-mail me the time and date and I’ll be there.

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