IELTS Speaking Part 3: comparing past and present


نحوه ی پاسخ دادن به سوالاتی که در مورد تفاوت گذشته و حال می باشند.

In part 3 of IELTS speaking, you might be asked to compare the past with the present. The examiner

will be listening to your use tenses. For example:

Are there any differences between the types of people who were seen as celebrities in the

past and those who are celebrities nowadays?

Yes, I think there have been some big changes in the types of people who become famous. In the

past, before the invention of television, I suppose there were very few national or international

celebrities; maybe kings and queens, military, political and religious leaders were the only household

names. With the advent of TV and radio, performers such as actors and musicians became more well-

known. However, we now seem to have a completely new breed of celebrity as a result of reality

television programmes; these are people who dont really have any special skills as performers, but

who are famous for just being themselves.



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