IELTS Speaking Part 2: describe a garden

IELTS Speaking Part 2: describe a garden

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Describe a beautiful garden that you like. You should say
– where it is
– what you can see there
– what people do there
and explain why you like it.

Here are some ideas:

1- Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 18.09.13The garden Im going to describe is famous because it belonged

to the French painter Claude Monet. Its in a place called Giverny, which is in northern France, about an

hour away from Paris in the province of Normandy.

 2-  There are actually two gardens at the Monet house in Giverny: a flower garden, and a Japanese

inspired water garden. Apparently, Monet designed the gardens himself; he even had the pond and the

famous Japanese bridge made. After creating the gardens, Monet painted some of the most well-

known paintings in the world, such as those of the waterlilies below the bridge on his pond.

3- Thousands of people visit the gardens at Giverny to see the magnificent scenes that inspired Monets

paintings. Visitors can walk around the gardens and take pictures, which is what I did when I went


4- I like Monets gardens because they are such beautiful creations, and its amazing to see the real thing

having seen the famous paintings so many times.


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