IELTS Speaking: describe a piece of furniture

IELTS Speaking: describe a piece of furniture


این نمونه آزمون در مورد موضوع مبلمان در بخش دوم می باشد که پاسخ آن نیز برایتان آمده است.

Here are some ideas for last weeks question:

1- Im going to talk about my favourite chair. Its a big, leather armchair that sits in my living room at

home, just under my living room window.

    2-I didnt actually buy the armchair. One of my friends was moving house and was going to buy some

new furniture. I had always liked his leather armchair, so he said I could have it if I managed to move it.

The chair wouldnt fit in my car, and it was tricky to get it out of my friends apartment. I had to hire a

small van to take the armchair home.

    3-Obviously I use the armchair for sitting! Its my favourite place in the house to relax, read a book,

watch TV or even do some work; the chairs arms are quite wide and flat, so my laptop fits nicely on

either of them. Last night I fell asleep in my armchair while I was watching a film.

    4-The main reasons why I like this piece of furniture are that its comfortable and its in the perfect

position in my living room. The only drawback might be that I enjoy sitting in the armchair too much,

and sometimes I think it makes me lazy!

Remember to highlight any useful words or phrases that you found in my description. Also, did you

notice some of the strategies that I used to make the answer more interesting?


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