IELTS Speaking: a tip for each part

IELTS Speaking: a tip for each part


در این قسمت یکسری تکنیک های مهم در ارتباط با آزمون اسپیکینگ را برایتان آورده ایم.

Here are three tips, one for each part of the speaking test.

Part 1: stop and smile

For part 1 of the speaking test, you need to get used to giving short answers. Many students

find it difficult to stop speaking, and the examiner is forced to interrupt. My tip is to give your

answer then stop and smile, showing the examiner that you are ready for the next question.

Part 2: tell a story

In the context of speaking part 2, a story is simply a long example to illustrate a point that you

have made. If you’re describing a person, for example, you could tell a story to illustrate why

you like him/her. People find it easy to keep speaking for longer when they have a story to tell.

Part 3: include an ‘if…’ sentence

Look at technique number 2 in ” IELTS Speaking Part 3: longer answers “ . The

alternatives technique helps you to say more, and it also encourages you to add a conditional

if… sentence, which might help your grammar score.



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