IELTS Reading: work on vocabulary


در این بخش مهمترین لغات آیلتس که در آزمون ریدینگ به کار می رود را برایتان آورده ایم.

If you want to improve your IELTS reading score, the most important thing to work on is your knowledge of vocabulary. Exam techniques are of little use if you dont understand the words that you are reading.

I tell my students to keep a vocabulary notebook, and to use a dictionary to find meanings and examples of usage. Here are some words and phrases that we noted in an IELTS reading lesson that I taught last week:

  • exclusive of
  • to dab
  • to mimic
  • a static image
  • mastery
  • cognitive
  • a pitfall
  • ground rules
  • the likelihood
  • to pick up a signal

To help my students, I tried to explain the meanings and to give some example sentences. Can you write your own sentences to show that you can use the vocabulary above?



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