IELTS Reading: choose the title

IELTS Reading: choose the title


در این قسمت یکی از مهمترین سوالات بخش ریدینگ را برایتان آورده ایم. شما در این بخش ابتدا پاراگراف را خوانده و سپس عنوان مناسب آنرا انتخاب میکنید.

Read the following passage, and choose the best title from the list.

Using a laser scan of Bourges cathedral in France, a team led by John Ochsendorf of the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology have 3D-printed thousands of bricks and are building an

exact 1:50 replica. The researchers hope to use the mock-up to devise a way to gauge the

stability, and thus safety, of historical buildings built of brick and stone. Building the replica is

painstaking work, but Ochsendorf thinks the process itself may be as valuable as the mechanics

uncovered. For students of architecture and structural engineering, hands-on experience

has largely given way to computer modelling. Techniques like 3D printing could be a way of

reconnecting them with the craft behind the science, he says. (New Scientist, 14.2 14.)

A) 3D printing a historical structure.

B) The benefits of 3D printing.

C) Computer modelling or hands-on experience?

D) A damaged cathedral is rebuilt.


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