IELTS Listening: TED x IELTS: Why Is ‘X’ the Unknown?

IELTS Listening: TED x IELTS: Why Is ‘X’ the Unknown?
استاد رفیعی


IELTS Listening: TED x IELTS: Why Is ‘X’ the Unknown?

Questions 1-5 (Summary completion) Write no more than one word for each answer.

The Arabic language is extremely 1. _________________________. Because each part of a sentence

is very precise and informative, constructing a sentence in Arabic is bit like writing an 2.

_________________________. This partly explains many so-called Western sciences such as

mathematics and 3. _________________________ actually have their origins in the Middle East. For

example, the English word ‘algebra’ has Arabic roots. Many kinds of Middle-Eastern wisdom arrived in

Europe via 4. _________________________, where they were first translated. However, certain

Arabic sounds can’t be pronounced by Europeans without a great deal of practice. They also can’t easily

be written using existing European 5. _________________________.

Questions 6-10 (Matching)

Match the following statements with the letter or symbol they refer to.

6. It was familiar to Spanish mathematicians. _____

7. It was eventually replaced by another letter. _____

8. It was known throughout Europe. _____

9. It has been in use for nearly six centuries. _____

10. It is unpronounceable in Spanish. _____

  • A. The mathematical symbol X
  • B. The Arabic letter SHeen
  • C. The Greek letter Kai
  • D. The Latin letter X

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