Home Town Questions

Home Town Questions


سوالات مربوط به شهر و یا محل زندگی

1. Where do you live?

2. What part of your country do you come from?

3. What nationality are you?

4. Can you describe your city / home town / village?

5. Can you describe where you live?

6. What other countries have you visited?

7. What do you like about where you live?

8. What do you find difficult about living in your home town?

9. What town or city do you come from?

10. What type of restaurants are there in your city / town / village?

11. Do you like shopping? How are the shopping centres in your home town?

12. How are the people in your home town?

13. What do the majority of people do to make a living in your home town?

14. Do you live in the capital of your country?

15. How long have you lived Here?

16. Is the place you live a nice place? What’s it like?

17. Are you here (in your host country) alone?

18. Do you like living in this country / your home town?

19. What do most teenagers like doing in your country?

20. When did you set up house?

21. Have you met your next-door neighbours yet?

22. Is there a supermarket in the neighbourhood (where you live)?

23. Are you a native of Aberdeen?

24. Would you like to move house to a bigger area?

25. Can you get along with your neighbours?

26. When did you settle in this town?

27. What are some of the problems of urban life?

28. Would you like to be inhabitant of a small village?

29. Which part of town do you live in?

30. Have you ever lived in the suburbs?

31. Do you like living in the centre of a big city?

32. What social problems do you think we have in your society?

33. How do you define a good society?

34. Do you consider your home town as a cultural spot?

35. What are the cultural values of your country?

36. Do you like living in a multicultural society?

37. How do you define a traditional society?

38. What makes an advanced industrial society?

39. Do you belong to a very close community who would find it difficult to accept too many newcomers?

40. Are there many different social classes of people in your country?

41. Do most people in your country own their house? Why (not)?

42. Is it easy to FIND ACCOMMODATION in your home town?

43. What kind of place are you living in at the moment?

44. Who do you live with and why?

45. Are there any advantages of living where you are at present? What are they?

46. Can you describe your study room / bedroom to me?

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