Happiness – Sadness


اصطلاحات مربوط به خوشحالی و ناراحتی
on cloud nineA person who is on cloud nine is very happy because something wonderful has happened.
When the boss announced my promotion, I was on cloud nine.
cry one’s eyes outIf you cry your eyes out, you cry a lot and for a long time.
My son cried his eyes out when he discovered his bike had been stolen.
like a dog with two tailsIf someone is like a dog with two tails, they are extremely happy.
When Paul won the first prize he was like a dog with two tails.
down in the dumpsSomeone who is down in the dumps is depressed or feeling gloomy.
Alex has been down in the dumps since he failed his exam.
down in the mouthWhen someone is down in the mouth, they look unhappy, discouraged or depressed.
You look a bit down in the mouth.  What’s the matter?


face like a wet week-endIf someone has a face like a wet week-end, they look sad and miserable.
What’s wrong with Pete? He’s got a face like a wet week-end!
fool’s paradiseIf someone is living in a fool’s paradise, they are in a state of contentment that will not last because their happiness is based
on illusion or false hope.
Lisa is living in a fool’s paradise if she thinks her boss is going to marry her.
fulls of the joys of springIf you are full of the joys of spring, you are happy, enthusiastic and full of energy.
Barbara is full of the joys of spring at the moment!  Has she got a new boyfriend?
grin from ear to earIf somebody grins from ear to ear, they look vey satisfied and happy.
When we saw Paul grinning from ear to ear, we knew he had passed the exam.
grin like a Cheshire catWhen someone has a smile on their face because they are happy or satisfied about something, they grin like a Cheshire cat.
I knew she had succeeded when I saw her with a grin like a Cheshire cat.
happy camperSomeone who is a happy camper is generally content or satisfied with what is happening in their lives and has no complaints.
With his new job and his new car, Andy is a happy camper.
happy as a flea in a doghouseIf someone is (as) happy as a flea in a doghouse, they are very happy and contented.
Since she moved to a smaller apartment, my mother is as happy as a flea in a doghouse!
happy as LarryIf you are (as) happy as Larry, you are very happy indeed.
My dad’s as happy as Larry at the week-end when we all arrive home.
happy-go-luckyIf you are a happy-go-lucky person, you are cheerful and carefree all the time.
He’s a happy-go-lucky sort of guy – always in good humour.
your heart sinksIf your heart sinks, you feel very unhappy and despondent.
My heart sank when I saw the amount of work waiting for me.
jump for joyWhen people jump for joy, they express their happiness through excited movements and gestures.
The player jumped for joy when he scored the winning goal.
life is just a bowl of cherriesThis expression means that life is pleasant and uncomplicated.
(This phrase is often used ironically to mean the opposite.)
Now that he’s retired, my grandfather says ‘life is just a bowl of cherries’.
lump in your throatIf you have a lump in your throat, you have a tight feeling in your throat because of a strong emotion such as sadness or gratitude.
The speech was so touching that I had a lump in my throat.
music to your earsIf something is music to your ears, the information that you receive makes you feel very happy.
His compliments were music to my ear.
never looked backIf you say that you never looked back, you mean that after an event which changed your life for the better, you continue to be happy with the situation.
Since the day she decided to work from home, she has never looked back.
over the moonIf you are over the moon about something, you are very happy about it.
When she heard the results of the exam, Caroline was over the moon!
paint the town redIf you paint the town red, you go out and enjoy a lively evening in bars, night-clubs, etc.
To celebrate the victory, the team’s supporters painted the town red.
as pleased as punchSomeone who is as pleased or as proud as punch is delighted or feels very satisfied about something.
Danny was as proud as punch when he won the tennis match.
in rapturesIf you are in raptures about something, you are delighted or very enthusiastic.
Caroline is in raptures about her new apartment.
stars in your eyesIf someone has stars in their eyes, they are looking extremely happy.
She had stars in her eyes when she saw the car she had won.


in seventh heavenIf you are in seventh heaven, you are extremely happy.
Every time she wins a match, she’s in seventh heaven!
in stitchesWhen people are in stitches, they are laughing a lot.
The story was so funny, everyone was in stitches.
thrilled to bitsSomeone who is thrilled to bits is extremely pleased about something.
Julie was thrilled to bits when her project was selected.
tickled pinkIf you are tickled pink, you are very pleased about something.
My dad was tickled pink when he was asked to announce the winner.
time of your lifeIf you have the time of our life, you enjoy yourself very much.
The kids had the time of their lives at Disneyland.
on top of the worldIf you feel on top of the world, you are extremely happy because everything is going well for you.
It’s been such a good year for Amy that she feels on top of the world.
walking on airWhen you are happy and excited because of a pleasant event that makes you feel as if you are floating, you are walking on air.
Sophie has been walking on air since her painting won the first prize.
whatever floats your boatAlthough you don’t quite agree with someone, it’s their choice and you think they should so whatever makes them happy.
You’re going to spend your honeymoon in Alaska? Well, whatever floats your boat!

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