Getting a Library Card 2


نمونه ای دیگر از مکالمه در مورد نحوه دریافت کارت کتابخانه به همراه فایل صوتی

A: I was wondering if you could help me to get a library card.

B: Of course, just fill out this form and let me know when you are finished.

A: I’m finished.

B: I will also need your driver’s license; hand me the filled-out form, please.

A: OK, the form is all filled out.

B: Perfect! Do you know the hours and rules for the library?

A: No, I have no idea what they are.

B: Everything you need to know is printed on the card and handout.

A: Yes, right.

B: Great! You are all set to enjoy the library. 

Download: Library Card 2.mp3
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