Book Questions

Book Questions

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1. Why do you think some people write books?

 2. What type of books do you often read?

3. Do you prefer to read a book or watch a movie on the same subject and why?

4. Are books essential in the 2 1s, century?

5. Can the books we read tell us about real life?

6. Is it possible to define literature?

7. What benefits are gained from studying literature?

8. How important is it for children to learn to read?

9. What are the disadvantages for adults who cannot read?

10. How can children be encouraged to read for enjoyment?

11. How reading books is different from watching TV or playing computer games?

12. Do you think reading will become an important ability in the’ future?

13. Do you think a time will come when people get all actual information from the Internet?

14. Why do you think some people decide to write a book?

15. Do you think newspapers are a good source of information?

16. How often do you read a newspaper?

17. Should newspapers contain illustrations? Why?

18. What can we do to encourage young people to read more?


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