Body idioms Teeth

Body idioms Teeth


اصطلاحات مربوط به بدن
by the skin of one’s teethIf you manage to do something by the skin of your teeth, you succeed in doing it but you almost fail.
The traffic was so heavy I thought I’d miss the train, but I caught it by the skin of my teeth.
grit your teethWhen you are determined to do something in spite of the difficulties involved, you grit your teeth.
To reach safety I had to grit my teeth and wade through the mud.
lie through your teethIf you lie through your teeth, you lie openly and brazenly, knowing that what you are saying is completely false.
I saw him breaking the window.  If he denies it, he’s lying through his teeth.
like pulling teethSomething that is like pulling teeth is extremely difficult to obtain, especially if trying to extract information from someone.
Getting him to talk about his job was like pulling teeth!
sink one’s teeth intoIf you sink your teeth into something, you do it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
When Julie got promoted, she immediately sank her teeth into her new job.
sweet toothSomeone who has a sweet tooth enjoys eating sweet things like sugar, pastries, chocolate, etc.
She’ll be delighted if you bring her chocolates – she’s got a sweet tooth.
teeth chatteringIf your teeth are chattering, you are extremely cold.
Was I cold? My teeth were chattering!
teething problemsThe difficulties encountered during the initial stage of an activity or project are called teething problems.
We had some teething problems when we first opened the bookshop, but now everything is okay.



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