Body idioms Shoulders – Skin – Spine


اصطلاحات مربوط به بدن
 a chip on the shoulderIf someone has a chip on the shoulder, they feel resentful because they feel they are being treated unfairly, especially because of their background, their sex or their colour.
give someone the cold shoulderTo give someone the cold shoulder means to deliberately ignore them.
After giving my opinion, he gave me the cold shoulder.
old head on young shouldersThis expression is used to refer to a child or young person who thinks and expresses themselves like an older more-experienced person.
When she heard Emily warning her little brother to stay our of trouble, her mum thought : “That’s an old head on young shoulders”.
rub shouldersIf you rub shoulders with someone, you have an opportunity to meet and talk to a person who is wealthy, famous or distinguished.
In her job in public relations, she sometimes rubs shoulders with famous people.
shoulder surfingThe practice of looking over somebody’s shoulder when they are using a computer, cash dispenser or other electronic device, in order to obtain personal information (identification, account number, password, etc.) is called shoulder-surfing.
put your shoulder to the wheelIf you put your shoulder to the wheel, you start putting a lot of effort into a difficult task.
We’ll have to put our shoulders to the wheel to get the store ready for the opening day.
skin a catThe expression ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’ means that there are many different ways of achieving something.
How about trying a different method? There’s more than one way to skin a cat you know!
skin someone aliveIf you are angry and threaten to skin someone alive, you mean that you are going to punish them severely.
If that kid damages my again, I’ll skin him alive!
(no) skin off one’s noseTo use this expression means that you don’t care if something happens.
It’s no skin off my nose if he doesn’t accept the invitation – I don’t care one way or another.
by the skin of your teethTo do something by the skin of our teeth means that you just manage to do it, but that you almost fail.
He passed the driving test by the skin of his teeth!
jump out of one’s skinIf you jump out of your skin, you are extremely surprised or shocked.
Jane nearly jumped out of her skin when the horse put its head through the kitchen window!
all skin and boneIf someone is all skin and bone, they are very thin or too thin.
After trekking in the Himalayas, he was all skin and bone.
(put) skin in the gameIf you put skin in the game, you show your confidence in a company by making a considerable investment or a financial commitment.
I got good news today.  Apparently a serious investor is willing to put skin in the game.
send a shiver down someon’s spineIf something sends a shiver down your spine, it makes you feel anxious, nervous or excited.
That song always sends a shiver down my spine.


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