Alphabetical List – U-Z


افعال مرکب از حرف U تا Z
Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
use upFinish a product ( so that there’s none left)The kids have used up all the toothpaste.
vie withCompete or rival with someoneThe athletes vied with each other for first place.
vouch forExpress confidence in, or guarantee somethingYou can give the keys to Andy.  I can vouch for him.
ward offKeep away or repel (something dangerous or unpeasant).I take plenty of vitamin C to ward off colds.
warm up1) Reheat something.
2) Make more lively or more relaxed.
1) She warmed up some left-over soup.
2) He told a  few jokes to warm up the atmosphere.
wash upWash the dishes after a meal.Who’s going to help me wash up?
watch outBe carefulWatch out! There’s a car coming.
water down1) Dilute or make weaker by adding water

2) Make less severe

1) If you water down the medicine it will be easier to take.
2) He watered down his remarks so as not to offend anyone.
wear out1) Become unusable
2) Become very tired
1) Julie wore out her shoes sightseeing.
2) At the end of the day Julie was worn out.
whip upPrepare quickly.I can whip up something to eat if you’re hungry.
wolf downEat greedily and quickly.The boys wolfed down the whole cake in no time!
work out1) Do physical exercise
2) Find a solution or calculate something
1) I work out twice a week at the gym club.
2) It’s expensive but I haven’t worked out the exact cost yet.
wind upFinish or put an end to something– Before winding up his speech he thanked everyone for their presence.
– He decided to wind up his business and retire.
wind upArrive finally in a place.We finally wound up in a village with a spectacular view.
wipe offClean (board, table)The teacher asked Lee to wipe off the board.

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