Alphabetical List – T


افعال مرکبی که با حرف T شروع می شوند.
Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
take afterResemble in appearance or characterJamie really takes after his dad.
take apartDismantle or separate the componentsThe technician has to take the machineapart in order to repair it.
take awayBuy food at a restaurant and carry it elsewhere to eat it.Two beef curries to take away please.
take awayCause something to disappearThe doctor gave me tablets to take awaythe pain.
take backAgree to receive back/ be returned.We will take back goods only if you can produce the receipt.
take backRetract or withdraw something saidtake back what I said about cheating.
take care ofLook afterI’ll take care of your plants while you’re away.
take offLeave the groundThe plane took off at 7 o’clock.
take inAllow to stay in one’s homeShe’s always taking in stray cats and dogs!
take inNote with your eyes and register.She took in every detail of her rival’s outfit.
take inUnderstand what one sees, hears or reads / realize what is happening.The man immediately took in the scene and called the police.
take onHire or engage staffBusiness is good so the company is taking on extra staff.
take outRemove / extractShe took out a pen to note the address.
take outInvite someone to dinner, the theatre, cinema, etc.He took her out for a meal on her birthday.
tell offReprimand / criticize severelyThe teacher told her off for not doing her homework.
test outCarry out an experimentThe theory hasn’t been tested out yet.
think overConsiderI’ll have to think over the proposal before I decide.
throw awayDiscard as useless or unwanted.You can throw away that book – it’s a load of rubbish!
throw upVomit / be sickI nearly threw up when I saw the injured passengers.
tire outExhaust completelyThe children tired out their grandmother.
touch downLand on the runwayThe plane touched down exactly on time.
toy withThink about, without serious intentI’ve been toying with the idea of starting to walk to work.
track downFind by searchingThe police finally tracked down the main suspect.
trade inGive as part payment for a new article.traded in my car for a new model.
try onPut on or wear something to see if it suits
or fits
I’m not sure about the size.  Can I try it on?
turn awayRefuse entrance to someoneHundreds of fans were turned away from the football stadium.
turn down1)Lower the volume.


1)Please turn down the music;  it’s too loud.
2) I couldn’t turn down an offer like that!
turn offStop by turning a switch, tap or knob.Turn off the lights please before you leave.
turn up1) Arrive, apppear

2) Raise the volume

1) She turned up an hour late.

2) Could you turn up the radio please?

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