Alphabetical List – R-S


افعال مرکبی که با حروف R-S شروع می شوند.
Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
reel offRecite without effort or pauseShe amazed everyone by reeling off all the phrasal verbs she had learned.
rely onCount on / depend on / trustDon’t worry. You can rely on me.  I can keep a secret.
rub outEraseWrite it in pencil so that you can rub it out.
rule outEliminateThe police ruled out political motives.
run awayEscape from a place or suddenly leaveHe ran away from home at the age of fourteen.
run intoMeet by accident or unexpectedly
(also : bump into)
Sophie ran into Maria at the shopping centre.
run out ofHave no more of somethingWhat a nuisance! I’ve run out of coffee.
set offStart a journeyEarly Saturday morning we set off for the ski slopes.
set upStart a businessShe set up  her own company 10 years ago.
shop aroundCompare pricesIt’s always wise to shop around before buying anything.
show offBrag or want to be admiredThere’s David showing off in his new sports car!
show upAppear / arriveWe expected William to come but he didn’tshow up.
shut up (impolite) Be silent, stop talkingOh shut up you idiot!
sign awayGive up one’s rights or ownershipHe signed away his property and joined a religious community.
sign inRegister (eg at a hotel)Let’s go and eat as soon as we’ve signed in.
sign outPay your bill and leave (eg a hotel)He signed out and left for the airport.
sign over (to)Transfer ownership of somethingHe signed over the house to his two children.
sign up (for)Enroll in an activityEmma signed up for a computer course.
sign up (with)Sign an agreement to work for somebodyPaul has signed up with a news agency.
single outSelect for special attentionTwo boys were singled out for extra coaching.
sink inTo be fully understoodIt took a while for the scale of the disaster tosink in.
sit downTake a seatPlease come in and sit down.
sleep inSleep later than usualTomorrow’s Saturday, so I can sleep in!
sober upGet rid of the effects of too much alcoholJack went for a long walk to sober up.
stand upRise from a sitting positionThe pupils stood up when the headmaster arrived.
stick up forDefendIt’s important to stick up for one’s principles.

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