Alphabetical List – O-P-Q


افعال مرکبی که با حروف O-P-Q شروع می شوند.
Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
opt out Leave a system or decide not to participate I enjoy tennis but I’m so busy I had toopt out of the tournament.
own up Admit or confess something The boy owned up. He said he kicked the ball through the window.
pass away Die The old lady passed away peacefully.
pass on Transmit Don’t forget to pass on the information.
pass out Faint / lose consciousness She passed out when she heard the bad news.
pay back Reimburse I will lend you 20€ provided you pay meback before the end of the week.
play up Cause pain or discomfort. My stomach is starting to play up again after all that heavy food.
play up Emphasize or make something seem more important. He always plays up his achievements.
play down Minimize or make something appear less important The government played down the gravity of the situation.
pop across/over/
Come or go quickly in the direction specified She popped over to visit her mother after lunch.
pop in Make a brief visit He sometimes pops in for a cup of coffee.
pop up Arise, occur The question popped up during the meeting.
pull through Overcome difficulties or illness My grandmother caught pneumonia but she pulled through.
put away Return something to its normal place after using it. Please put away the dictionary when you’ve finished using it.
put off Postpone / arrange a later date The meeting was put off because of the strike.
put on Turn on / switch on Could you put on the light please?
put on Wear a garment or piece of clothing. Put on your coat – it’s getting cold.
put out Extinguish It took a long time to put out the fire.
put (yourself) out Go to a lot of trouble / be inconvenienced. Please don’t put yourself out for us.
put (something) out Leave/place someting outside the house. Don’t forget to put out the dustbin.
put through Connect two people (on the telephone) I’ll put you through to Mr. Brown.
put up Accommodate / give someone a bed We can put you up if you’d like to come for the week-end.
put up with Tolerate I don’t know how you can put up withall the noise.
pick up Collect somebody I’ll pick you up at the station.
point out Indicate / direct attention to something The teacher pointed out the mistake.

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