Alphabetical List – H


افعال مرکبی که با حرف H شروع می شوند.
Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
hand back Return She read the article and then handed it back.
hand down Pass on (by tradition, inheritance…) My clothes were handed down to me by my older sister.
hand in Submit (report, homework) All application forms must be handed inbefore the end of the month.
hand out Distribute Samples will be handed out at the end
of the demonstration.
hand over Give to someone in authority. The boy was forced to hand over the mobile phone he had stolen.
hang back Be reluctant to do something All the children rushed towards the clown except one boy who hung back.
hang on Wait Hang on a minute. I’m early ready.
hang on (to) Keep a hold on something Hang on to that rope and you’ll be ok.
hang out Spend time in a particular place or with a group of friends Where does he hang out these days?
Who does he hang out with?
hang up End a telephone conversation Don’t hang up. I haven’t finished yet.
head off Start to go somewhere. He headed off to the train station.
head for Go/move in a certain direction. The boat was heading for the rocks.
hit at Aim a blow at something. He hit at the wasp with a newspaper.
hit back Retaliate / reply to an attack When he was attacked, the boy hit back.
hit on/upon Find unexpectedly or by inspiration She hit upon an idea for her new collection.
hold on 1) Wait

2) Grip tightly

1) Hold on please. I’ll put you through to Mr. Brown.
2) She held on to the railing as she crossed the bridge.
hold up Show as a example  She held up the diagram for all to see.
hook up Fasten (a garment) I need help to hook up my dress.
hook up (with) Link broadcasting facilities Many networks are hooked up by satellite.
hurry up Be quick / act speedily Hurry up! We’ll miss the bus!

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