Alphabetical List – E-F


افعال مرکبی که با حروف E-F شروع می شوند.
Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
ease off/upReduce, become less severe or slow down
(pain, traffic, work …)
After Christmas, the workload generallyeases off.
egg onEncourageEgged on by his friends, the boy climbed over the wall.
embark on/uponStart or engage inShe embarked on a career that lead her to fame.
end inFinish in a certain way / result inTheir marriage ended in divorce.
end upFinally reach a state, place or actionIf he continues his misconduct, he’ll end upin prison.
even out1) Eliminate differences of opinion.

2) Become level or regular

1) After a long discussion they managed toeven out their differences.
2) The road was evened out to make it safer.
explain awayFind an excuse or plausible explanationHow are you going to explain away the missing money?
face up (to)Accept ad deal with something unpleasant.Sam will have to face up to the fact that Jenny is not in love with him.
fall behindFail to maintain a certain levelShe fell behind at school and had to study harder.
fall throughFail / does not happenOur planned boat trip fell through because of the storm.
figure outUnderstand / find the answerI’m trying to figure out how to assemble the wardrobe.
fill outComplete (a form/application)Please fill out the enclosed form and send it back as soon as possible.
find outDiscover or obtain informationI’m going to call the cinema to find outwhat time the film starts.
fit in (with)Feel comfortable or be in harmony withHe just doesn’t fit in with the others.
fizzle outGradually endOver the years their friendship fizzled out.
focus onConcentrate on somethingThe advertising campaign will focus on the quality of the product.
fold inMix one ingredient with another.Fold in the eggs with the sugar.
freak outPanic or go crazyShe nearly freaked out when she saw the colour of her hair. It was a disaster!
frown on/uponDisapproveMy parents always frowned on smoking.
fuss overPay excessive attention toShe’s always fussing over her grandson.

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