IELTS Speaking Part 3: verb tenses

IELTS Speaking Part 3: verb tenses
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اهمیت زمان در بخش سوم امتحان Speaking

In IELTS speaking part 3 the examiner often asks a question about the past and a question about the future. Be careful: the examiner is listening to your grammar! You need to show that you can use past, present and future tenses correctly. Here are some example questions:

 1-   Did people have more free time when your grandparents were young?
 2-   Do you think the hobbies people have will be different in the future?

In the first answer, the examiner wants to hear some past tense verbs. In the second answer, you will need to use a future tense. Here are some example answers:

1-   When my grandparents were young, I think they had less leisure time. They didnt have the gadgets we use nowadays, so they probably spent more time doing simple things. For example, nowadays we can cook meals in a microwave in less than 5 minutes, whereas in the past people had to cook everything themselves.

2- No, I dont think hobbies will change much in the future. Im sure people will still play games and sports. On the other hand, maybe the Internet is changing the way we spend our free time. In the future, more and more people might have online hobbies.




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